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6 November 2020 - 7 November 2020
<<< DRONETECH 2020 >>> B2B Virtual Matchmaking Event


A Matchmaking Event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. 25 minutes business meetings are usually enough to build connections.

Usually Matchmaking Events are organised on the occassion of the conferences and exhibitions. This year, because of the insecure situation connected with Covid-19 a lot of them are arranged virtual - as the <<< DRONETECH 2020 >>>B2B Virtual Matchmaking Event. At the same time your potential to establish cooperation is not lower than it would be if the Matchmaking Event went on-site. 

Due to the fact that Matchaking Events are now available online searching business cooperation becomes easier than it was ever before. Why? Because you can arrange and attend meetings without leaving home or office. You save your time and money! At the same time your potential to establish cooperation is not lower than it would be if the Matchmaking Event went on-site.

    The DroneTech World Meeting trade fair are organised for the fifth time with a great history of joining in an international group of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and enthusiasts of everything related to the latest unmanned technology.


    * drones production and distribution;
    * drones schools and services;
    * drones equipment and spare parts; 
    * public administration;
    * police, fire departments, rescue;
    * security;
    * wind and photovoltaic farms; 
    * modern agriculture and forestry; 
    * humanitarian sector; 
    * photography, aerial imaging, cinematography;
    * consulting;
    * all other interested in the field of drone technology i.e. unmanned aircrafts and overland vehicles; 


    1st Matchmaking session - 6 November 2020 - 10.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m.

    2nd Matchmaking session - 7 November 2020 - 10.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m.

    Closed since 30 October 2020
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    Participants 93
    Meetings 44
    Poland 31
    Spain 10
    Italy 6
    United Kingdom 6
    France 6
    Germany 6
    Ukraine 5
    Czech Republic 3
    Greece 3
    Türkiye 3
    Belgium 2
    Romania 2
    Austria 2
    Singapore 1
    Switzerland 1
    Estonia 1
    Denmark 1
    United States 1
    Slovakia 1
    South Africa 1
    Finland 1
    Total 93
    Service provider (engineering, IT) 35
    Manufacturer 19
    Other 8
    University 8
    R&D Institution 8
    Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer 7
    Consulting (business, tax, legal) 4
    Supplier, sub-contractor 2
    Authority/Government 2
    Total 93
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    Before event 4026
    After event 326
    Total 4352